SUNDAY, DEC. 24  6:30 PM

In the hot summer of 1868, after a Methodist revival meeting in Danville, a group of Putnam County residents were so inspired that they began building a church in their own area. 

The Methodist circuit-riders of the day were legendary in their preaching and the believers, 20 miles or so from the Indiana Asbury University, a Methodist college (now DePauw) were faithful and committed to provide a place for them to preach the Gospel.  In the winter of 1869, the faithful gathered for their first Christmas Eve.  We are taking the opportunity to return to that time of inspiration and faith in a historical re-creation of an 1869 candlelight service.


Our congregation will be in period costume and be prepared to offer the vintage experience of an 1869 Christmas.  We will do our best to re-create the atmosphere and message of the times.


Come dressed as normal and be prepared to soak in the lessons and the way of faith in a time gone by.  Who knows what treasures of wisdom we might re-discover from 1869!


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