GREETING IS AS EASY AS A, B, C, & sometimes D!

A. Greeting in a friendly manner is what it's all about. 

B. Give each adult a Sermon Guide/ Connection Card packet.  

C. Direct them to the Bulletin/ Tithe Envelope packet placed on tables near each door.  

 D.  Ask new guests if they need assistance with anything, call over the Greeter Deacon.

Should the Greeter-Deacon need you for anything else (i.e. offering); he'll tell you in the morning.

*Greeting is an important ministry and needs to be started with prayer and on time.  Please show up for prayer no later than 10:30 am.  Greeters will be meeting by the sanctuary piano.

THE WELCOME CENTER HOST/ HOSTESS  -It's A. B. C. for you as well!

We would like you there for prayer at 10:30 am.  Please be ready to direct people to the greeter-deacon for any involved questions or directions or to the greeters for the Sunday material.  And of course, to give each new guest a gift bag as you greet them.  There is no need to man the desk after the service.


If you need to change your schedule slot, please notify Ron!


  See the most current schedule on the SUNDAY MINISTRIES PAGE

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