GREETING IS AS EASY AS A, B, C, & sometimes D!

A. Greeting in a friendly manner is what it's all about. 

B. Give each adult a Sermon Guide/ Connection Card packet.  

C. Direct them to the Bulletin/ Tithe Envelope packet placed on tables near each door.  

 D.  Ask new guests if they need assistance with anything, call over the Greeter Deacon.

Should the Greeter-Deacon need you for anything else (i.e. offering); he'll tell you in the morning.

*Greeting is an important ministry and needs to be started with prayer and on time.  Please show up for prayer no later than 10:30 am.  Greeters will be meeting by the sanctuary piano.

THE WELCOME CENTER HOST/ HOSTESS  -It's A. B. C. for you as well!

We would like you there for prayer at 10:30 am.  Please be ready to direct people to the greeter-deacon for any involved questions or directions or to the greeters for the Sunday material.  And of course, to give each new guest a gift bag as you greet them.  There is no need to man the desk after the service.




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