Christ to the world

  The world to Christ



First of all, come dressed the way you are most comfortable.  Canaan dress includes everything from suit and tie to shorts and flip-flops; from slacks to dresses.  The important thing is that you are there and we can worship God together.

Our worship music ranges from classic hymns to the latest contemporary played by our keyboardist or our praise band.  The only criteria is that it genuinely lifts up Jesus Christ. 

The sermons range from 30 to 45 minutes.  The sermons are usually done in a series form.  We explore the logic and wisdom of the Bible with a heart to discern God's principles in all areas of life.  The Family Service is an hour and fifteen minutes from start to finish.  During the sermon time, Youth Church is going on for kids K through 12 in the children's wing of the building.

Before the service, we have a snack time with juice, coffee, donuts and a whole assortment of goodies.  Canaan people love to socialize and get to know our new guests.  This is a great time to do just that!

We also have what we call, our "Worker Service."  The service is a stripped down and casual service with our church workers in mind.  Since they miss the sermon during Youth Church, this is how we keep them fed.  Anyone is welcome in the "Worker Service" however, there is no child care for this service.

So our Sundays go like this:

  • Worker Service (& adult Sunday School class)  -9:30 am  

  • Fellowship & Snack Time  -10:15 am  

  • Family Service/ Youth Church  -10:45 am



Canaan Community Church is made up of people just like you!  We are your friends, neighbors and family.  What draws us together is the belief, and experience of Jesus Christ changing lives in a real way. 

At Canaan Community, what is most important to us is RELATIONSHIP.  In that spirit, this is how we list our priorities:


We value the literal presence of His Spirit in our worship, fellowship, and individual lives.


1. We value a spirit of unity within our church fellowship through encouragement, appreciation, and mutual support

2. We value healthy relationships within our families, through Godís values

3. We value our community.  That means: Each person, as a special design of God.  The local community, as our place to live Christ.  And our global community, as Godís call to Ďall nationsí.


1. Which creates and deepens our relationships.  And for this reason, we value the building blocks of growth-

2. Prayer as a means of connecting with God

3. The Bible as a perfect reference for growth

4. Learning through balanced Biblical teaching and example

5. Practice of what we have learned in order to continue growing

6. God-given gifts, both natural and spiritual for the benefit of all.

What we value most is relationship -with  God, and His most prized creationĖ people.


It is important to have to have a structure to owns faith, and at Canaan this is what we state we believe:

We believe the Bible to be the inspired, infallible, authoritative Word of God.

We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in is bodily resurrection and ascension and in His personal return in power and glory.

We believe that the salvation of the lost comes only by grace through His shed blood.

We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a Godly life.

We believe in the resurrection of the saved to one of life and of the lost to the resurrection of damnation.

We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.



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