Is this a paid position?

Yes. In addition to housing, Protégé residents receive a stipend.


Is this a temporary position?

Yes, the intent is to provide a two-year ministry experience to equip emerging church leaders in real-life experience and growth in their own spiritual formation.

No, it is possible that if there happens to be an opening at Canaan that fits a resident, we will certainly explore the possibility.


Are there additional benefits to Protégé at Canaan?

Yes, we are in a position to help our residents obtain full ordination in the Christian & Missionary Alliance.  We may also provide some assistance in finding openings within the Alliance church system.


What does Canaan expect in return?

First, we are firmly committed to our role in mentoring the next generation of God's servant/leaders.  We also believe we cannot challenge you without challenging ourselves.  We anticipate you making us better.  We are looking for young innovative leaders who will make truly significant contribution to our youth and families in our area.


Is this full-time?

The residency workload in study, your coaching, and your volunteer ministry will come to 29 hours a week.  It will be possible to hold a part-time job and we will certainly coordinate with you in that regard.


Are there housing options?

Yes.  Our first option is a residence owned by Canaan.  However, we also have the option of staying with a few hosts that are pretty awesome mentors in their own right!


Who supports Canaan's Residency Program?

Of course, it starts with our local church family.  But we partner with the founder of Protégé Residency at Hope Church.  Pastor Chet is an exemplary church leader.  We are also partnered with 12 Stone Church's Residency program. 12 Stone has been at the residency ministry for quite a while now.  We are grateful for their expertise.  The 12 Stone partnership has more churches joining them all the time.  This is a great asset for all residents as it opens up even more possibilities in career opportunities.


I have a question not addressed here, who can I ask?

Email Pastor Kevin.  I promise to get back to you as quickly as possible.


Can I get more material on this program?

Yes, just click for our brochure.


This sounds like a fit for me, what comes next?

Go to our application page and simply follow the steps.

What residents are currently involved in the Protégé Residency?

It's been a three year journey for Canaan to prepare what we are now offering.  We are just launching.  However, you can give a listen to a resident in the Hope Church residency.  Here's a video link to an interview held at Canaan, (Part II) compliments of Hope the Breakfast Church.

God bless you as you explore His purpose for you.