Summer Camp



Years ago, Canaan had a wonderful team of Christian Education workers who worked hard and put on some very successful Vacation Bible Schools.  But as time went on, we developed a vision to bring our efforts into the community for this effort, rather than call the community to our facility.


PBS (Park Bible School) was born as we carried out our children's summer event at Heritage Lake.  This was good, but still tended to attract children who were already going to church and few others. 


Then Canaan, a select group of dedicated public school teachers, and the HLNAC at Heritage Lake merged in a vision to present a summer camp accessible to all children in our part of the county.  The vision was to provide them with a summer camp that taught faith, character, and other skills such as nature, crafts, and more.  The Department of Natural Resources, State Troopers, and more became contributors to the program.

It was beyond what any of us could do alone, and it allowed Canaan to take our passion for Christ out of the building and into our community.  It was a remarkable blessing we believe God orchestrated and we've been doing it in the last part of June at Heritage Lake ever since.

You can check out the KIDS COUNT website directly by clicking here.


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