We'll be honest, it is our desire to have everyone who comes through our doors to feel so at home that they want to become an active part of our church family.  The reality is, not everyone belongs in the same church.  God calls us all on unique paths.  But if your path merges with ours, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!  So now that you are here, how do you plug in?

Well, visiting our website is a great first step.  You can learn about many of the visions and passions we are presently involved in.  Should you sense God calling you to help in an area, the quickest way to open a door is to let Pastor Kevin know, or pass in a response tab into the collection plate.  You can be sure we will get you hooked up with the right person.

We also realize the Holy Spirit doesn't work on an assembly line.  He may move you with a vision that has not yet been tried at Canaan.  After you've been and understand the vision of Canaan a litter better, have a talk with the pastor.  Canaan is all about facilitating, not dictating God's call.

Areas you can plug into now are:

  • Tech desk: Run computer, sound, lighting

  • Musician: Singing, playing

  • TeacherYouth Church, nursery, adult class, small groups; they are all very important.

  • Helper to trustees and deaconesses:  We can always use skills in our dinners, building repair, gardening, and other tasks that keep us in worthy condition to represent Christ in practical ways.

  • Food Pantry:  Assisting in the distribution of goods from our pantry one of two Saturdays a month.

  • Hospitality:  Greeting, ushering, etc.  Hospitality is a spiritual gift meaning "the love of strangers."

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