DO- Slow the group down for proper reverence & focus.

DONíT- Make it lighthearted fellowship.

DO- Wash Godís Word over our hearts & minds.

DONíT- Offer our opinion on Godís Word.

DO- Invite others into prayer.

DONíT- Fear silence and monopolize prayer

DO- Focus prayer on the work & presence of God in these people, in this place, on this day.

DONíT- Scatter the focus outside of that.  This is a ministry for supernatural Sundays.  There will be other opportunities for other prayers.

DO- Be very clear of when you are reading Scripture & when you are asking people to pray.

DONíT- Add conversational words with Scripture or prayer invitation.

DO- Be very clear on what each prayer is to be for.

DONíT- Leave people confused about the prayer topic.

TIP- A collection of Scripture will be in the online SERMON GUIDE by Saturday, should you be searching for direction on verses.

TIP- In preparation, take time to word you prayer invitations succinctly.

TIP- In this type of prayer, silence is not the enemy.

TIP- Let God speak to you; as long as your session is in God for this time and place, you canít go wrong!

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